New RS3 8Y Design Details


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Today Audi sneak previewed the new RS3 Saloon and Sportback 8Y as you have seen already.
I downloaded the full 28MB image and cropped it and added some notes (attached).

This is what I saw:
  • Wide front wheel arches with vent behind them (as can be seen on rear of saloon)
  • Wide rear aches although it is hard to judge the width here from photos.
  • Awesome new alloys which look like the amazing Pretoria VW wheels.
  • Brakes also appear to be set back more that current RS3 which looks better.
  • Wider grille and front styling which looks like a smaller RS6
  • All black trim including Audi logo (personally this looks bad to me but I know I am in the minority)
  • Horrible rear bumper fake vents! (Why!?) Just leave the bumper as a bumper as my current RS3 looks great like this.
If you notice anything I missed let me know!


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Lol alloys similar to VW Pretoria ?? I don’t know which wheels you were looking at then.

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