New Recon Turbo with under boost (Help Wanted Please)


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Hi all,

First time posting but i've enjoyed reading lots of posts and learning new things from so many people.

Basically I have a 2004 2.0 TDI BKD engine. Had a new recon turbo fitted down here which the garage got from PartCo. Reason for new turbo was that i've had a whine on the old turbo since owning, but that was also a recon which prev owner my mate said should be fine as he stripped it and rebuilt it himself. He did this before knowing he needed to sell because of moving abroad.

On Thursday this week the turbo just started from the moment I turned ignition on to make a huge whine seriously loud as I was driving I thought I need to turn around and go back home slowly which I did. ALso had no boost pressure at the time either. No popping sounds just this very loud whine which I wish I had recorded now.

So anyway got a garage I trust to pick the car up and take a look and initial thoughts of any pipes coming off etc were not found but when they felt the turbo they said it felt like something inside was damage as it felt very rough.

I told them to put a recon on which they did but when I picked it up they said the car just won't pull away in first (very flat) and then in second/third it's fine. They said take it home any problem I notice along the way then to give them a call if they continue.

Basically on the way home had some boost from the Turbo in second and third then very quickly a lack of power (Limp Mode). AS usual if I turn the engine off it's fine but then after a very short period kicks in limp mode again.

I connected it up to the VAGCOM and I get the 16682 - Boost Pressure Regulation / P0299 - 000 - Control Range Not Reached.

I also did some measurement testing and the boost pressure request is not the boost pressure the engine is getting.

Oddly when not in limp mode first gear just gets now help from the turbo even up to 3000 then drop into second and then it kicks in but in my opinion a bit high near 2000 revs.

Is it a diverter valve or the vacuum solenoid from what I have tried to get from all the threads I have read. I have spoken to the garage and they are going to make a couple of calls as they are not 100% sure. He said you could fit a brand new turbo but we just both felt that the recon should be fine and it isn't that, but it was just an option.

Any help much appreciated.

*UPDATE: Garage is getting me a Diverter valve after watching a link to a you tube video on here and the guy describing the issues casued when this malfunctions leads me to believe it is likely to be that, only way to find out is to replace it. No I have to endure a 10 minute drive with no power and one big hill to contend with too
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Whatcha tool diesels don't use diverted Valves! We did take off EGR valve and yuk that was disgusting gave it a good clean but that didn't solve problem :-(

car are left at garage so they can speak to turbo supplier on Monday unless anyone else can suggest anything if the turbo company can't suggest any adjustments then only other thing to try is a brand new turbo. Nightmare!