new rear pads on a6

just had some new tyres fitted so whilst there I gave the brakes a once over.

Looks like I'm going to have to do the rear pads sometime soon.

Is this only possible with vag com ??? or is there another trick ??? (reverse poles from a spare battery??? )

any info , cars used to be simple ............


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People have used a 12v battery to wind the caliper back but, replacement calipers are around £250-£350 if you damage them, which is easy done.

Personal I would buy VCDS then resell if you get rid of the car as genuine cables do keep there money, or find someone on the VCDS users map.


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I got my local garage to do it - £212 for all four brake pads and the sensors. It's not far off the cost of the pads themselves from what I could find online.