Q3 New Q3 Wireless Charging and Car Play


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Does anyone have experience of the below in a new Q3 or other new Audi model?

- The new Q3 has the option of a wireless charging pad (Qi). But the configurator says that ordering that deletes the standard Bluetooth interface. Surely you can still connect a phone to the car via BT if you have the wireless charger option for phone calls, contacts, and BT audio play??

- Further, can you do BT at the same time as using the wireless charger?

- Finally, I understand CarPlay is something different. Is that wireless, or does that need a USB cable going into the port?


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You can connect to Bluetooth whilst wireless charging yes. I don't know why they list the options like that, i agree it's a bit confusing. I assume the charging pack has it's own BT interface.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are not part of the wireless charging pack, they are in the Smartphone Interface option (standard on the UK Q3 i think). You connect via the USB to configure it the first time, then it's wireless after that.


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I thought only BMW's had wireless carplay and they have a subscription licence to use it...