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So I haven't posted any pictures of my car for ages
A lot of upgrades have been done including... RNS-E mk3. Cupra R splitter, 3SDM 0.01, Momo 280mm, debadge, dewiper, stealthed front end, private plate
please leave feedback :)

Apologies for the first photo... The splitter came undone on a speed bump haha. The second image is better



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oooouuff! aside from suggest you should cut the tabs on the splitter that looks amazing! Good colour combination too. get some more pics up


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Thanks man. And yeah I don't know how to make the centre of the splitter stay up and not droop

If u've already trimmed down the center tabs and its drooping in the centre then u may need to take it off and cut some slats into the corner so the plastic can flex better around the corners. Some of the splitter should end up passing the wheel arches but u can cut it down after.


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Very nice, that looks slammed! Is that Lamin-x light smoke or dark smoke? Did you fit that yourself? Looks spot on!


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That looks the nuts mate. Get a moody pic side on view or in amongst a heavy engineering plant/steelworks or something. Love those wheels, brave choice in colour but they suit it really well (size, offset?). I'm very very tempted to go gold myself now and do a funny John Player Special type Audi LOL.


When I grow up, I want a 964!
Did this used to be on air?

I like! Needs front numerplate holder doing black though.