New photo of my car!!!



REALLY excited - got two professional photos of my car taken. I think they look great? :sob:

[photo="large"]6664[/photo] I like the light reflecting off the chrome edge on the front grill:

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Still not working? The first url shows nothing...the second takes me here...

Very strange


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Can't really see what's going on other than you look to be in the middle lane ?


In my opinion .....
I got caught on the M1 before Xmas ....60mph in a temporary 50mph :busted cop:

Got one of those driving courses booked for February £90 for the privilege..... :boxing:

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It's for non payment of the Dartford crossing! If you're not on Auto pay you have to go on line and pay it within 24hours!

Don't forget to add the £2.50 crossing charge when you pay your fine!


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Total pisstake - the government at the time promised that the bridge would become free when it had been paid for. Lying gits.


Fortunately if it's your first "offence" (not paying online within 24 hours) then you get a warning and need to pay the £2.50 within 14 days.

Unfortunately for me this was my second time.

But I argued enough with Dartford about how stupid their systems are and they let me off as long as I paid for the crossing! Wasn't about the money, just didn't think it deserved a PCN.

Think I'm going to sign up for auto payment...

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I'm on Auto-pay and it's really easy to manage. If you use the crossing enough it's worth it as the charge is only £1.67.

Still a rip off, as we all know they promised it would be free when the bridge was paid off!

I'm on Auto pay for the London congestion charge as well. Although this costs £10 a year for the privilege. However it is £1 if you go in 10 times it's cost neutral.