New Phone Pairing Issue


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I've just received a new phone from work, but I'm having no luck pairing it with the car! Nothing fancy, its a HTC Desire 510 running Android. My old phone was a 1980's Nokia (not really but it was ancient)!!

From the Telephone menu I go to device management (having already disconnected old phone), and select connect a mobile phone. I go through the next couple of set up screens without problem to the screen where the car has searched for nearby bluetooth devices and has found the phone, but when I select it nothing immediately happens and eventually after 30 seconds it comes back with a message "No Service Found". The phone is discoverable as proven by the above and isn't coming up with any messages requesting a pairing etc, so I'm stuck.

Hopefully this is something really simple and that someone knows the solution.


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Just try connecting to it through the phone, The car should send back a code and all you do is select yes to the question about "is this the correct code for MMI" or something like that.

I'm sure that's all i did with my android phone.