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New owner retro fit choices

munster732 Oct 28, 2018

  1. munster732

    munster732 New Member

    Hi, we just bought a 2013 1.4 tfsi S-line with all black edition kit fitted. My wife would like a couple of things if possible and any help greatly accepted.

    1. can you fit power folding mirrors and enable them to auto fold from key fob ?
    2. Cruise control retro fitting and rough cost
    3. Sat Nav update, we have the button on the wheel but it isnt activated

    Many thanks
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  3. daydotz

    daydotz Member

    Mirrors yep
    Cruise yep
    SD sat nav yes but it requires Audi to activate it & can cost £500 their is no cheap way to activate it & depends on the car having two SD slots (and a few other things which it will if it does)

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