New owner of an old A4 Allroad (MY 2010)


SQ5 & A4 Allroad
Mar 2, 2008
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Hi, I’ve been the owner of an A4 Allroad 2.0TDI for just over a week now & already done a bit of modding, repairs etc. so hopefully I might have some tips for others & hopefully will get some helpful tips myself from the forum.

My A4 Allroad is very basic but it suited me for the price I could afford to pay (very hard going from a New Qashqai with all the tech you can think of to absolutely nothing) but it honestly feels soooo much better to drive, but I suppose I’m comparing an Audi to a Datsun!!
I looked into all the retro-fitting of the tech but most of it is far too expensive so will just go for reasonably priced (teasteful) & also necessary mods.

So far I have done the following:-
Hooked it straight up to my brothers new Launch reader to check for codes etc. It showed up these...
*P067300 Cylinder 3 Glow Plug Circuit.
*P001600 Crankshaft Position-Camshaft Position - Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A.
*00714 Right Air Flap Motor For Center Vents.
*00457 Vehicle Electrical System Control Module.
*01592 Air Quality Sensor.
*00438 Fuel Level Sensor 2.
*02615 Locking Fuel Tank Cap.
*02616 Unlocking Fuel Tank Cap.

1 thing I noticed when driving home was that the Auto Stop Start function wouldn’t work properly (‘stop start function fault’ warning on dash & not just the symbol with line through when certain criteria isn’t met) & also at certain speeds the engine management light would flash but not remain on (after a bit more testing I found this was happening in most gears when going at a moderate speed the putting foot down). I assumed this would be linked with the glow plug fault, so I proceeded to change the glow plugs (full set of BERUs), reset the codes & went for a drive. The stop start fault was still evident but when hooking back up to the Launch, the glow plug fault code was gone & only the following codes remained:-
*P001600 Crankshaft Position-Camshaft Position - Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A.
*00457 Vehicle Electrical System Control Module.
*01592 Air Quality Sensor.
*02615 Locking Fuel Tank Cap.
*02616 Unlocking Fuel Tank Cap.
So next was to tackle the camshaft code.

The timing belt & waterpump were only done back in September (which I had the receipts for) & it states a warranty of 12months or 10,000miles. Since it had done neither of these I decided to take it back to the garage yesterday to which they said the warranty was only with the original buyer. I argued the case & they agreed to take a look. Turned out that the timing was out by half a tooth so they sorted this (free of charge), tested it, cleared the codes & everything seems ok now. The P001600 code has not retuned, the engine management light no longer flashes & also the start stop function is now working correctly with no more fault messages on dash. RESULT!
The remaining codes I am hoping will be cleared by a new Air Quality Sensor & a new fuel flap actuator.

In between all of the above I have done the following:-
1. Changed the tailgate struts as they were failing (simple enough job).
2. Changed the windscreen wash jets to the fan spray type as the 3 jet type is terrible...I bought the A6 type from eBay and they were a straight swap. They are much still not a proper fan spray that I’m used to but much improved on the original!
3. Just finished retro fitting CarPlay & reverse camera as I had no Sat Nav & no reverse sensors or camera. I’m am still in the testing process of this as there are a few teething problems but in communication with the company I purchased from to try sort these out. Once I’m happy with it I will share more.
4. Added the ‘needle sweep’ on start up.
5. Added passenger wing mirror tilt when reverse selected (I don’t have mirror fold or memory seats as some have suggested it requires to work).

Next to do...
1. Rear window tints - to improve look but also to stop my 2 kids from whinging when the Sun shines in.
2. Wheel balancing - rattle when hitting motorway speeds (hoping this will sort it).
3. Would like to upgrade the headlights & rear lights - not keen on the yellow lights but will probably stick to bulb upgrade rather than full light replacement due to price of replacements!
4. Upgrade DRLs to white LEDs - not keen on the yellow type.
5. Upgrade all interior lights to white LEDs - same as above.

Are there any mods that people would recommend??

Well that’s me for now... all I can say is that it’s good to be back in an Audi!!