New owner of A3 etron with questions (please)


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Hi there. I just purchased a used A3 Etron Sportback and I have poured over the manual, watched some tutorial videos, as well as played with a variety of settings/menu options and have 3 questions to start this dialogue.

1. Exterior Mirrors: I do not appear to have electronic or auto folding mirror options. Is there a way to fold them manually? Asking as I have a narrow garage.

2. Does the luggage area have a button to "auto close" it versus manually pulling down on the hatch door?

3. This car is front wheel drive, but I noticed on the virtual cockpot/instrument cluster/navigation map (the lower part of the screen that shows feet above sea level) it is saying it is in "off road" mode (think this is new as of today). That doesn't make sense to me. I suspect I hit something but cannot figure out what. Any ideas, please?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.


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1. My mirrors are auto, you can still just push them to fold them....

2. There is no option to auto close the boot, you can fit springs and new gas struts so it will auto open with the key fob

3.Off road mode means there are no maps of where you are driving usually ?


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Thank you for your comments and advice, and last night I figured out how to manually fold them (the electric option does seem to be missing from my premium plus audi).

I love my new car, but there is a big learning curve with operating this car. I am tech-savvy-ish so I have been able to click and explore a number of features. But ... like others have said on other threads, I do wish some features had more explanation (so thankful for this website and responders such as yourself).