New owner, from B5 S4 to B8 A4!


So, after a couple of years away from Audi ownership (house purchase etc.) i'm picking this up in a couple of weeks! 58 plate, 122k, not perfect but not bad for the money!



Admittedly, it'll be nothing like the B5 I had for power but I need a comfortable, reliable, 'sensible' daily for now!

Only slightly confused as to why the rear valance/diffuser is silver and the 2.0TDI and A4 badges are on the wrong side, but hey, small things!

A photo of my old S4 for the memories!



looks good.Any nice extras?

Not at the moment, other than the standard S line bits! And an existing dog smell from previous owners, which I’m slowly getting rid of with baking soda and vinegar:water solution!!

Knowing me though, it won’t stay standard for long. Enquiries have already been made about a remap, and will probably add some wheel spacers and lower it at some point. A bit of de-chroming the front grille and paint the rear diffuser, which is unusually a brighter silver than I’ve seen before. It will need a new pair of rear tyres in a few months too, and the wheels could do with a refurb, they’ve all got curb marks on them!!


Private plate now back on and boot lid de-badged. Not sure who re-stuck the badges back on, but the smallest bit of heat and they fell off!




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Looks so much better debadged!