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Q7 New Owner 4.2 FSI S-Line - Missing Car settings in MMI

CaseyJay Jul 2, 2018

  1. CaseyJay

    CaseyJay New Member

    Hello, just picked up my first Q7/first Audi with MMI and have studied the manuals.

    I have a 2006 FSI S-Line with Adaptive Air Suspension - or so I believe - PR Code 1BK (4-corner air suspension), raise/lower button in boot and the Lift status icon in the DIS.

    However, when I press CAR on the MMI, nothing; just a few basic car settings - also looking for TPMS, Battery, Parking etc but none showing. Also cannot access some Bluetooth settings.

    I am running SW 5150 but would still expect to see these options. Is this normal? Would a firmware upgrade help? Or something in VCDS I can enable?

    many thanks from a newbie

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