New Old-Audi Owner - So Many Questions...


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Sep 10, 2023
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Hello everyone.
Just bought a 2011 C6 A6 S Line 2.0TDI auto.

So far I've changed the oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter in the engine bay and the cabin filters.

I apologise in advance for the stupid questions - For such a common car there seems to be conflicting/lack of info on all manner of things to do with these cars.

-I'd like to change the gearbox oil. The service book says it needs doing every 38,000 miles and only mentions oil change for multitronic - no filters. It looks like it's been 60,000 miles.
The gearbox code is LDV - took way longer than it should have, to confirm but this means it's a multitronic, which is a CVT. One massive gear. It's lovely to drive but there's conflicting info all over the internet about it. People saying they're dodgy gearboxes and the filters need doing or they will fail. Is an oil change something I can do myself or is it as much of a faff as it looks, having to warm up the gearbox to the correct temperature for whatever reason?

-Also the cambelt. Service book says 133,000 miles and makes no mention of a time period. It's done 99,000 miles but it's 12 years old now. Does it need doing?

-Any dodgy stuff I should be sorting on the car? e.g. my 2004 Passat had an issue where the bungs under the scuttle filled with mush and didn't allow water to drain away, so in heavy rain you could have it overflowing into the front footwells. Stuff like that?

-Is tiptronic just miltitronic with flappy paddles?

-Has anyone installed a MR12Volt thing for apple carplay and is it as easy as their own video makes it look?

-Electronic handbrake. Is there an option somewhere in the menu to make it turn itself off when you accelerate or was this an optional extra?

I would follow the recommended service interval for the gearbox, usually, there is the using a diagnostic tool warm it up and check this and that. As for the filter I don't know.

As for the cambelt I would get it done, a lot of cars have a time period of 5-10 years as well as mileage, plus it's good insurance.

If you had a passat then they share a lot of similar problems, the drains under the scuttle panel, sunroof drains, and rear lights can leak at this age because the seals have gone. The rear lights are LED's for the brake/running lights and you may find some start to fail, or they all fail and you get a warning on the dash, unless you want to separate the light it's a new one unfortunately.

The Tiptronic is a proper auto with 6 gears, and it's a ZF unit.

Yep, I have a Mr12Volt kit and I love it, the best upgrade I did to the car. The videos do simplify it a bit but it is very plug and play, I spent some time cable managing and properly securing it. I'd say it's an hour's work, a bit longer if you want to have a tidy install.

So mine does this already, but only when moving forward. With the EPB on, put it in drive and tap the throttle, it disengages for me, and I cannot see an option to change this so I wonder if it's a coding thing.

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