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  1. The Jargen

    The Jargen Member

    Hi all, regarding the new MOT are testers now physically checking to see if the dpf has been tampered with even though you may have engine covers and under trays fitted?

    Another question if you have had you dpf gutted (leaving the cat in place) what are the some of the smoke opacity readings you're getting?

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  3. The Jargen

    The Jargen Member

    Hi Tosh26, thanks for getting back to me. Why was your car not tested to the plate value? I mean it would have passed anyway since its 0.5.
  4. Marky007

    Marky007 A4 Sline S-line owners group Team Silver saloon Audi A4 TDi Manual

    Probably not a good idea to post your mot tester online :blink:

    Be last time you get an mot there with no dpf
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  5. PenttisHSR

    PenttisHSR Active Member Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group Manual

    As the DPF gets hot it is not normally covered or obscured by a plastic undertray, in fact the metal heat shield can be a fail now if missing near to the fuel tank. These often fall off . Yes the dpf is physically checked (visually) for signs of tampering. The tester is not allowed to remove any plastic shields or undertrays.
    Depending upon the year of your car, there are new limits now. The limit for each individual car is displayed on a sticker on your vehicle. This sticker is usually found in the door jamb but can be under the bonnet. The figure is in a square box on the sticker.
    The default limit for the newest cars is 0.70 m-1, so the car above would have passed that OK. The limit on the sticker is typically much lower than 0.70m-1. [The default limit is used if the sticker value is illegible].
  6. ktmpedro220

    ktmpedro220 New Member


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