New (mostly contented) Audi A4 B7 Avant owner..


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Hello folks.

Just bought an '06 Audi A4 Avant B7 from the auctions... Got a bargain (I think)

But.... EML is on.... Not flashing.

She was a little juddery in low gears to begin with and also a bit of smoke under spirited acceleration but these seem to have calmed a bit I guess she may have been sat unused for a while.

I've read with interest some threads on this ere site about removing/cleaning EGR valves.. Sticking Mr. Muscle into turbo vanes.. These sound like well researched and tried n tested tips. I've just bought a U281 Vag reader too so hope this will find any probs that may or may not be there but any advice greatly recieved guys.... I am very happy with the car, smooth and tracks well, seems pokey (compared to my old Golf 1.9tdi 90bhp)... But then I think I could probably out-accelerate that thing on a skateboard!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for 'aving me!! :thrashi:


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Hi cheers Sandra, I'll be trawling there for more info to get this Audi singing....... Tra la la!! :whistle2:

Wasn't sure whether my mere diesel estate merited joining the Audi 'sport' forum but seems there's all kind of Audi nuts in here!