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Hey all,

Recently upgraded my RS4 B8 to the new RS6. Wow, slight improvment :worked till 5am:.

New car lasted about 100km's before the stage 1 APR tune went on. Few weeks later went stage 2 with full milltek non resonated pipes. Lowered on H & R springs. (Will add some pictures tomorrow).

For interested parties. I've used a VBOX on all my cars to see the difference performance mods make.

For the RS6


Stock - 3.75s

Stage 1 - 3.35s

Stage 2 - 3.00

(All verified using

The above times are without the 1 foot rollout option. (Most of the world includes the rollout, but generally not in OZ where I live)

If you want 1/8th Mile, 1/4 Mile, 0-100mph etc...Let me know. I'll look at the data and post an update.


0-60 MPH -1.000 % 2.884 Seconds 2.897 % Results Valid
0-100 KPH -1.000 % 3.000 Seconds 2.928 % Results Valid
0-100 MPH -1.000 % 6.582 Seconds 1.873 % Results Valid
0-60 MPH (1-Ft) -1.000 % 2.604 Seconds 2.897 % Results Valid
0-100 KPH (1-Ft) -1.000 % 2.720 Seconds 2.928 % Results Valid
0-100 MPH (1-Ft) -1.000 % 6.302 Seconds 1.873 % Results Valid
30-60 MPH -1.500 % 1.641 Seconds 3.311 % Results Valid
40-80 MPH -1.500 % 2.722 Seconds 4.271 % Results Valid
60-100 MPH -2.000 % 3.698 Seconds 1.560 % Results Valid
1/8 Mile -1.000 % 6.820 Secs @ 102.548 MPH 1.780 % Results Valid

(No QTR mile in that run, road starts going downhill if I kept going)

I should also note that this is on the standard tyres and using 98 RON pump fuel.


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Nice car with nice numbers :). How many hp do you have now with those mods? I have driven those both RS6 and RS7 but I remember that it was a big and heavy car with a lot of wichings when turning when it litteraly slided with heavy understeering and that should be a totally different experience to you from the RS4?

Tested also S1, RS4, RS5 and SQ3 everyone of those had their own plus and minus.


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Cat = Panther :) yeah, we get it, dreamcar for many people :).