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Hey folks, had a problem with the car this morning and came across this site after looking for some info on google. So I'm hoping somebody here might be able to help as payday is 2 weeks away:rolleyes:

The car is a 2002 S3 with BAM engine.

Driving home from work yesterday I stalled the car in traffic. The engine had to turn over for a few seconds before it started again. After it started there didn't seem to be any other issues and I made it home okay.

Then this morning, car started first turn, driving into work and it misfired, about a minute later the oil pressure light came on and the car started to limp and eventually died. Checked oil level and no problems there. Tried re starting but the engine kept turning over but wouldn't fire, if you know what I mean?

An hour later, after letting the engine cool down, it started first time. I checked the coil packs and one of them was a bit loose. The top of the spark plug had some soot on it from arcing. I reseated the coilpack and car seemed to be running ok.

On the drive home the car misfired twice but it didn't die. Would this be because of the soot on the sparkplug? I'll have a socket tomorrow to remove the plug and I'll be able to it on Friday.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give as much info as possible


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Hi and welcome, Yea coilpacks are a common fault on VAG cars....Tell us the results of the Vag-com cheak when youve done it.

rolo tomassi

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So I checked the sparkplugs. Found the plug with the loose coilpack wet. Replaced coilpack and all plugs.
The car ran ok for an hour, then emissions and epc light came on.

Got the car on vagcom and it give lamda and crankshaft positional sensor faults.

Replaced both sensors and the car's running alot better now.

rolo tomassi

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I've got a new problem now though.

The car used to idle at around 900rpm. Now after the engine warms up, the rev counter is jumping between 900 and 1000 rpm.

Any ideas of what would cause this?


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Does it seem to jump suddenly then die down? almost like it's been cam'd?
I only ask cos mine sometimes does the same, can't help with a solution though! :sadlike:


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Possibly the temp sensor, when they go they can cause idle revs hunting.


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I think my temp sensors on the way out :( as mine does the same on idle and sometimes drops to 80c when im crusing :(