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Hi, Id just like to introduce myself im a new girly member on here. Im the owner of a A3 2002 1.8T Sport which is currently in the garage as my engine has died:crying:

Im looking for a new one at the right price if anyone could help or knows any where i can pick one up cheapish???

Its engine code AUM

Cheers in advice



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there some members breaking their A3 here. Have a look in this section. :)



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the blocks cracked and the aum codes seem hard to come across found one at £600 its just if its a good one


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May be worth finding out which engines would fit, as you may not need the same code like for like. Not sure if it would make a difference if you had quattro or not, as it is just the haldex, but I think there are a couple on engines codes?

Sure some one with more knowledge will chip in in the morning


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My A3 is an AGU motor, there seem to be plenty around for sale.

No idea if it would fit Ok or what you would need to change to get it in but I cant imagine it would be too much work.



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Ive called up a few audi garages and they have said it has to be the same code :unsure:

So im back to square 1 again lookin for engine code AUM. Typical for me these are like gold dust to get hold of for the right price aswell.

If any1 hears of one for sale any where at the right price(lookin2pay around £500-£600)if u could pass me details id be very grateful.

Thanks :happy:


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thanks for all your help and advice..........................
i finally got an engine and am back on the road:yahoo:
had to stick with the AUM code so ended up paying £650, which was more than i wanted to but least im back on the road.

so fingers crossed i will have more luck with this one.


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Hope it all goes good this time round.