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New member - looking to get into rs4 b8

Lewie68 Jul 24, 2020

  1. Lewie68

    Lewie68 New Member

    Hello everyone, looking to swap from s3 to rs4 b8. Any advice what to look out for or swerve would be much appreciated.
    I have one on the radar 36k 2014 in Sepang blue, I have some niggling doubts tho. First it has Kw Coilovers which I was concerned points to someone track daying it & they have lowered it, wondering now if this may have been due to DRC failing. Salesman was not sure why they have been put on or if the ride height can be put to normal as I do not want it to looked pimped.
    Secondly, should I be looking at going through a main dealer.
    This car also has had two owners which would seem strange given the low mileage.
    Thoughts please
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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Welcome to Audi-sport.net.will shift this over to RS4 section.
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  4. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Well-Known Member


  5. Lewie68

    Lewie68 New Member

    Thanks, nice colour
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  6. Rabie2412

    Rabie2412 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    :sign welcome: , Ave a 2014 and the 3rd owner and its still Below 30k so 36k isnt that unusual , So far the Cars had no issues in the 8k Miles ave done and i bought it From a Main Audi Dealer, Its a Cheaper Option long term to swap to Kw's if a Dammper Goes, Think there around £900 each before Fitting and ****** VAT ... Being Coilovers there Fully Ajustable up and Down in Height.. Ud need to find out if They are Damping via MMI or Manual or Basics with no Adjustment.. Sure ud not Be Disapointed what ever they are :racer:...
  7. Lewie68

    Lewie68 New Member

    Cheers Rabie, appreciate the input. Car been looking at is with an independent, some poor reviews of the retailer so going to hold off on this one for now but I am going to purchase one in the coming weeks if I can find right spec, mileage and price ( want pan roof ) the search continues.
    Glad to have joined this forum as some really good advise from people who have a wealth on knowledge on given model....so be updating when I find one and pull the trigger
  8. Rabie2412

    Rabie2412 Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Your welcome and I'd not let Kw's put you off the Car you want.. I'd consider them my self if it came to the crunch, The Pan roof is nice to Have but mostly it's closed on mine unless I find a. Nice Tunnel.. Sports Exhaust, 20" wheels, DRC, B&O Stereo ect are all Musts.. Good look with your search, And nothing to loose with taking a Test drive of the One you have already seen to get an idea of how the Rs4 Feels and handles.
  9. youdame86

    youdame86 New Member

    welcome lewie...

    owned the B8 RS4 Sepang blue for 7 years so here's what you need to watch out for:
    - Understeers at high speeds; add a strut brace to fix that (i can go on for a long mod list, you can DM me for more in depth discussion)
    - S-Tronic gearbox is the weakest link; the mechtronic is the item that is most likely to breakdown (based on my exp anyways)
    - KW v3s are probably a good thing, i have Bilstein PSS10 on mine and they work beautifully
    - swap out the rear ARB for an uprated one; the stock is only 16mm, ****** ridiculous why Audi put the thinnest rear ARB on their top model. the difference is monumental, your rear is no longer flopping all over the place, but planted, like a Porsche
    - sports exhaust is a must
    - DRC, if you are looking to swap out aftermarket coilovers like KW v3 then i would say stay away, my car doesn't have them and based on other users feedback DRC doesnt sound necessary

    B&O and Drive Select should be standard stuff, other than that, usual wear-&-tear stuff

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