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Evening folks!

I'm Danny! Currently looking for an RS3, since they first came out and i'm shortly going to be in a position to get one. I've turned 30 recently and insurance is actually not much more than my current car (Golf GTi Edition 30, with 307bhp).

Naturally i've started doing my home work on them as i don't want to get my fingers burnt..

Anyway, after i sell the Golf, i'll be looking to secure an 8p RS3 as it seems to suit everything i want/need.

So, what am i looking for? Are there any common problems that are noteable? I know that haldex oil is important and obviously general servicing!

I've seen one near me for £26k in daytona grey, its just ever so slightly out of my price range!

Thanks for reading and appreciate any replies!


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8P prices are falling, so shop around, and go for an interesting colour [Samoa Orange, or even Misano Red!!] with as many extras as you can find. Anyway, good luck.


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As posted in the thread "Buying an RS3" Danny:

Make sure it has 12-month MOT, and that its service history is up to date with a recent service to include oil change if possible; and just make sure of that 12-month Audi warranty. Take a good long look at both tyres (best on MPSS) and brakes (best on EBC Redstuff), especially the brakes. And make sure ALL 'updates' have been done, here's a list:
39E1: Haldex
20T9: Fuel Pump
SVM01A098: ECU
SVM02A039: ECU
661G: Offside inner wheel duct
46F8: Offside front brake duct
4716: Brake caliper, brake pads and brake discs
48J6: (checksum error only)
TPI2029738: Code change for the rear license plate illumination, rear wipe, etc
2029184/1: Passenger sport seat - which has been reported as noisy (rattles)

Note that the early cars tend to have more of the options as the options bins were full for the planned 500 Right-Hand Drive units, however, with the initial batch selling out very quickly a second batch of 250 Right Hand Drive units were produced and by that time many of the option bins were empty, see: