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B8 New Member! First report - DRC......... and KW coilovers!

Newi123 Dec 11, 2019

  1. Newi123

    Newi123 New Member Silver Supporter

    Morning - so I joined here 6 months ago to sell our old 2002 200k mile C5 4.2 Avant, having bought a B8 RS4 for the better half. The old girl is now long gone (the C5, not the wife) to a new home as a daily run about for a true petrol head. He also runs a tuned Sapphire Cossie, so I`m assuming it`s in good loving hands!

    As for the RS4, it`s been great. The wife loves it, and it does daily duties for her aswell as dog transportation and band gear moving for me very well, if being a little smaller than the old C5.

    However, the first problems have arisen!

    It needed a new aux fuel pump - £500 ish, paid for by the warranty that came with the car. More costly were the first DRC issues. The front offside damper had somehow rubbed it`s pipe and dumped it`s oil, resulting in (at least) a new front damper and one of the new pumps at the rear. Both expensive bits and lots of fitting - looked like £2500 / £3000 to fix, and the warranty company wouldn`t cover `leaks` so declined any claim.

    Quick word with our local specialist - we`re lucky enough to be 5 miles for Dialynx - and we decided on the coilover route. I um`d and ah`d over how much adjust-ability I`d need and use as this is a road car and will never see a track, and in the end opted for the KW version 1 set. Fixed rate dampers for fast road with adjustable height, and comes with a blanking kit to seal off the old DRC gubbins.

    Car back from Dialynx today and I have to say it`s been a great choice. It`s now really nicely damped, gets smoother as you get a little quicker and seems very controlled. The ride height has been left around the same as standard to be daily friendly to speedbumps. Total cost:

    £1525 for the KW set
    £485 for fitting and 4 wheel alignment (5 1/2 hours)

    So all in I`m less than the remedial work on the DRC, without the threat of further problems and the car is driving better than ever.

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  3. N3DXT

    N3DXT Member

    Cheers for posting this , its handy stuff to know, I've got a B8 RS4 that still has DRC and its one of a few parts of the car where there is an alternative to a like for like repair with Audi parts.

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