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Hi guys thought I'd introduce myself, my names Matt from Sheffield and owner of a A4 b7 2.0tfsi quattro special edition avant.
Ive been a constant lurker on this forum for years but never registered until now.
I've owned a few audis and always been a VAG owner
My first Audi was a A3 8L 1.9tdi sport quattro which will forever probably be my favourite. I did tonnes of work on that car and converted all the suspension to the S3 counterpart including hubs and cast wishbones
Pd150 turbo, injectors, egr delete so on so forth.

My second was a A4 B6 1.8T quattro S-line ( BEX 190BHP) lovely car but heavy on juice, I let that go super cheap due to the paint work and front arches it was red and the lacquer was peeling everywhere, but the interior and engine were absolutely immaculate...

Now my current headache is the tfsi avant S-line quattro BUL engine 220bhp. Absolutely love this car but the feeling isn't mutual I've owned it just over a year and it's cost me almost as much as I paid for it in parts. Balance shaft sprocket smashed the tensioner and snapped the chain. Managed to save the engine and I've done the unconventional 1.8t oil pump conversion & oil filter housing I could have done the VIS Freewheel for a hell of alot cheaper but I wanted peace of mind.
I'll try get some photos of each uploaded at some point.


And nice to join the forum


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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear your latest car has cost you so much. Hope you get the problems fixed.

Thanks mate, yeah I've fixed everything over the last few weeks with myself & my brother in law rather never have to do it again but at least I'm still on the road


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