New member and buying an rs3


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Oct 9, 2016
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After being an avid viewer of this forum for around a year I finally took the plunge and signed up, so thought I would briefly introduce myself, whilst following up with a few queries about purchasing a new rs3 when the facelift is released next year.

I'm only 25 so would probably consider myself fairly young to most of you on this specific forum, could be wrong though?
My current and past vehicle in the last 5 years have both been vehicles I'd associate with being a bit of a petrolhead (albeit much cheaper models) of a Renault Clio sport 182, and a Renault Megane rs, also both unreliable French models.
It's safe to say I cannot see myself going down my current company car option of owning a 2.0l diesel model anytime soon, and so for the last year after finally getting on the property ladder I've been saving and getting myself in a strong place financially to move forward with purchasing an rs3.

Due to the impending arrival of the FL next year and I think the unavailability of even building an rs3 currently to order (I think) I'm now in the process of figuring out exactly how I'm going to go about purchasing this.

So first of all I'm after possible advice on comparable interests rates over pcp and hp purchases through Audi, are the interests the same? I've looked through their website and can't find specific figures, and I'm obviously not going to be discussing with a sales rep until I come around to ordering next year.
I think I'm possibly going to go down the route of HP as I plan to keep the car for 5 years at least, so this seems like the best option potentially? Can anyone advice on this? My concern on the pcp route is the interest rates you end up paying to the dealer so for example if I finalise a deal for a car around 46k, I'm probably going to be paying around 52k+ if adding in the final GMFV etc.

This brings me to my next question regarding the residuals of an rs3, and a potential completely new model.
I know nobody with know for sure but are we due a completely new model anytime soon (next few years) or just a facelift? And does this affect the residuals on the model in question much? As like I said I'm swaying more to a HP over 5 years, so just interested to know how much I'd be looking at potentially selling for along with predicted interest of 'older models' as there will certainly be a newer version out by that time.

Please go easy on me as it's my first post! I hope to be getting involved a lot on here during the months before my order and gaining more and more knowledge and listening and discussing other owners experiences, which I've massively enjoyed over the last year!

Finally, I'm based in Stafford and I mostly hear good things about this dealer so I shall be going there as my first port of call when the time finally arrives!


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Dec 17, 2008
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Hi mate

I think you've posted in the 8p section, and personally I had a very bad experience with Stafford Audi ( albeit on a used vehicle).

Anyway enjoy your car whichever dealer you buy from


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Sep 21, 2007
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Stafford Audi are the best of any Audi dealerships I've ever visited and I don't often applaud salesmen; that said, the service guys are equally superb and that from someone dealing with Stafford Audi for 10-years and more. Go speak to Andy Poole and say a Cornflower blue Audi RS3 owner suggested you contact him...