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Hi guys,
I was browsing the forum for a while when I was looking at buying the car and now I have it, I've signed up and look forward to chatting to you all :jump:


1999 Audi A4 2.5 V6 TDi Quattro
Pre-Facelift (Must be one of the latest pre facelifts?)
Audi Concert sound system
Full Audi service history
18" RS6 replicas wrapped in brand new Kumho tyres
Smoked rear lights
S/RS4 chrome style mirrors
Creamy/Tan leather seats
...I'll add more as I remember.

Plans so far are...
Fit facelift headlights
Fit facelift center console
A good service (It isn't due one but for peace of mind)
A ****** good wash!!



Sorry they are only quick pictures shot on my iPhone...

Thanks for looking and hopefully I'll see you soon :D


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Kingfisher Blue... you jammy dodger! :)


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That will look wicked with a set of front and rear s4 bumpers and bigger alloy wheels ! Pity it's auto though, i hope the box shifts cleanly- would not hurt to change the oil and strayner(filter) in it as well !


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Thanks mate :)

I'm actually glad it's an auto. Nice lazy cruiser. I have a BMW 540 for my manual bug, 300bhp through a low ratio LSD :)