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  1. Quattro_daily

    Quattro_daily Member

    So I took my old key out with me on the jet ski put it in a waterproof bag but the bag failed and filled up with water they key was sat in the water for at least 4 hours and now the central locking is not responsive. The little red light on the key still flashes when pressing the buttons I kept on trying it last night when I got back it worked once out of like 100 presses.

    Clearly water has damaged something I didn’t have any rice but tried drying it out as much as I could last night but still no luck.

    Where’s the best place to get a key programmed and cut that’s not going to cost me my arm , my leg and anything else to pay off the cost


    It’s a three button style flip out key for a b7 3.0 tdi v6

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  3. UisT4

    UisT4 Active Member

    Cant help with where to get a new key but I would say to try and salvage your original one you should flush it as much as you can with fresh water or better with contact cleaner and leave it to dry in rice or on a heater.

    Worth a try if its f***ed anyway.

    There was a thread in the last couple of weeks about getting a new key so that might have some good info for you

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