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A7 Quattro
Hi guys i'm new to the A7 group.
I just sold my Phantom Black 3.0tdi A5 and now got a (245) 3.0tdi Ibis white A7 Quattro. Lots of gadgets.
Had the car now for about 4 weeks.

Been busy.
Car clayed, machine polished etc etc.
New Brake pads.
New wipers.
Calipers painted cosmos black and Sline decs added.
Disc centres and rear guards done silver.
2x new from Pzero tyres.
Car mapped to 315bhp 630nm.
Private plate on.
Updated MMI from P0518 to K0770 and again to K0900 and done 2016 maps also as mines were ancient. 3G+ HDD.

Vcds bits.
Car beeps now when opening and locking.
Boot opens and closes with key fob.
Start/Stop remembers last position and won't default to on.
Brake massage.
Reverse mirror tilt.
Video in motion.
Secret menu.
Adaptive rear brake lights / flashers.
Think there was more but had a brain block.

Not sure why most of these were not enabled from factory???

I've attached a few pics of the car.
Loving it so far.

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Very nice matey! Not many things could beat your A5 for looks, but I think the A7 might just edge it...!

Great work so far!


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Welcome to the A7.

The forum here is pretty quiet most of the time. I keep an eye on the A6 forum, as well as a few other sites (Audizine is much more active in the S/RS7 section)


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Hi - I've just bought an A7 Black Edition (2016) 3.0 TDI (272bhp) and wondered how you go about accessing all the hidden menus and whether it's easy for a layman to do? I like the idea of the reversing mirror etc but it's not something I have ever come across before.
How do I go about it? I've read you need to enable something using the VCDS software but no idea how to do this or who in Cheshire would do this?


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Any chance you could share some info on how you got the start/stop to remember the last setting, as I prefer to have it disabled?