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new here needs help with headlights

audia3ash Mar 17, 2014

  1. audia3ash

    audia3ash Registered User

    Hi im new here and I have recently brought a audi a3 1.9 tdi 2000 model and I never really liked the separate indercatoir and headlight so I got some face lift headlights out the scrap yard the all in ones they did not fit stright in to place I had to remove a bit of metal from each wing the prob I have now is that it seems like the high beam and main beam are the wrong way round high beam seem to be on all the time and main beam only comes on when you use the flasher could any one shead some light on to why this is happening and what I can do to sort the problem thanks ash
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  3. Stevofoz

    Stevofoz Registered User

  4. Grale1

    Grale1 Registered User

    Headlight wiring adapters are needed if you don't fancy cutting the wiring, I got a set of eBay for about £35
  5. audia3ash

    audia3ash Registered User

    Thanks for reply I have discovered that the high beam is comeing on when just turning the lights on normal witch I could not understand because I took the wireing loom out of my old lights and fitted them in the new face lift lights if I just cut the wires and swap them over will this work

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