New Headunit to replace Concert with Bose


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Hi guys, I need to know what able I need to install a Sony Headunit in my A3 to replace my Concert II stereo. I have Bose installed too. The cable I have been sent is a Autoleads PC9-404 but it has one too many plugs on the cable as when i look at the back of the stereo I only have two.

Can you please help so I can get this sorted ASAP?

I know this question has probably already been answered on here - somewhere! :)

Cheers guys!!


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Could it be that the third is for use with a steering wheel remote? I would imagine it's a generic cable of sorts!

Edit: Having said that, have you got a seperate amplifier? If you have then that's what the extra cable could be for!


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I do not have a seperate Amp as far as i'm aware. Just the standard Bose setup. Mayb I'll try the cable and see what happens. If anyone can help please let me know.


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I think i've managed to figure out the amp/speaker connections. But the power block has totally thrown me.

Sony Manual & PC9-404 cables are in this order:
1 - Empty
2 - Empty
3 - Empty
4 - Yellow - Continuous power
5 - Blue - Power Antenna Control
6 - Orange - Switched Illumunation Power
7 - Red - Switched Power
8 - Black - Ground

What the sticker on the top of my Concert II says:
1 - BOSE
3 - K-BUS
4 - Empty
5 - Empty
6 - Empty
7 - Switched Power
8 - Ground

Do I need to make some changes here? Can anyone advise? And am i correct in thinking that the Aerial (PC5-52) blue cable can connect to the Red Switched power on the same lead or does it need constant power from the yellow cable?


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So thanks to AndyMac all I should need to swap is the Red (switched and Yellow - Thanks AndyMac!

My only other question now is the DWA-GND which is apparently an Alarm Ground. I'll have to do a full test of the alarm when the stereo is in. I wish I wasn't stuck at work today! :-(