new headlights


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looking for new headlights for my 03 plate wheres best to buy these??or has anyone gotany spare if they have changed to angel eye headlamps?? how good are the angeleyes heard they are prone to leak??


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Hey Chris, Ebay is your best bet, there is normally quite a few headlamps for sale both B6 and B7 versions (B7s won't fit your car!). If you've got a cabriolet then you have to buy cabriolet versions whereas Saloon and avant are the same.
I've seen brand new bosch headlamps being sold on ebay for about £50 each. You can even pick up genuine Xenon headlamp assemblies for about £250-£300 a pair with a bit of searching.




I had the FK Components angel eyes in my B6 and have to say they were the biggest waste of money and after 3months of pants lighting and stupid bulbs blowing in the angel eye rings i ripped them out and threw them in the bin :motz:
I just went to my local motor factors and ordered 2 new Valeo headlights which cost me around £95 each and added a HID 8000k upgrade kit and have to say it was the best money spent yet bar the remap :icon_thumright:
Makes the front of the car look nice n fresh looking ;)


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how much golf ?


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thanks for your advice. Thought as much about the angeleye headlamps so will be staying away from them. Got my hids waiting to go in so will just get on the hunt and get a new set. Golf very intersted can i have a price and have you any pics??


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I'll get some decent pics tomorrow, price wise I'm not looking for much, £130 for the pair, maybe?



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i agree with ebay them. they look good just not for me as i have hids. Is there anywhere on the net you can buy standard audi parts like headlights ect??