New forum layout!


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Anyone else hating the new ‘modern’ forum layout or just me!!

Well might as well adapt to it as so many internet sites change software.
Once those changes take place I have not one time seen them go back to the previous software.

Just the way it is ..............



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I'm fine with it.


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Not a fan, mobile site has far too much space, which is making it hard to read.. really not a great user experience for a forum. Not to mention the big empty void to the right ?


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Yeah, I get the fact that forums like this update to be more readable/accessible on mobile phone screens... but not being part of generation X who lives life through my mobile, I just can’t stand it... but I’m aware I’m in the minority! Grumpy moan over!


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I'd have to say I don't like it either.
I only ever browse on my mobile and everything is so big with what seems like lots of advertising.


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I agree, far too many adverts, taking up screen real estate.
and using browsing history as target fodder
is it cus I is old????