B9 New FL Carbon Black Edition collection day


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Collected my new car from Stoke Audi today, excuse the quality of the pics, the weather wasnt great and time wasnt on my side. Its a Carbon Black edition, metallic white, C&S, red brake calipers and something else..... It replaces a BMW M5 (F90) which went in July and which replaced an SQ5 (petrol) that I had for 2 years nearly from Sept 17.

So far really impressed - done 180 miles home via an impromptu visit to my aged Mum (thanks to the impending lockdown) but not sure how much more use it will get for the next 4 weeks. Docile cruiser when needed, love the seats and interior, as well as the stereo. Will see how it behaves in more sporty modes when it has a few more miles under the belt.

Great service from Stoke Audi as well, no messing or trying to pull a fast one, just a straightforward, cut to the chase deal.

Wasnt sure about white with black wheels when I said I would have it but wanted a change from grey, had daytona, my Mini is their equivalent of Nardo, wont have black (swirls!), green is apparently unlucky, turbo blue and red were a bit loud for me, and I didnt think the black contrasted as well with Nabarro blue (for which read there wasnt one for sale at a price I would pay!). I really like it though and makes a pleasant change for me, sure its not for everyone but that's OK as it only has to please me!

Will get it ceramic coated post lockdown but otherwise it will be staying stock...


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+1, looks stunning


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White is definitely the best colour, I am up to 750 miles and it is loosening up nicely

No such thing as best colour as its so personal. But i like it and given i dont have anyone else telling me otherwise, that is all that matters...

I might hit 750 miles by mid Dec if i abide religiously by lockdown rules...


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Honest answer, bought the M5 because I had always wanted one. Fact that i didnt need a car that big, go most places with my dog with me (cocker spaniel) and had never sat in one was an irrelevance....

It wasnt practical with dog, it was a bit big for hustling down country lanes and a bit hardcore for me...

Only had the 4 a day so hard to compare but first impressions are it can do docile cruiser better... but doesnt have the mental power (that i never used!)


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Ha ha I went the other way, used to own a B9 RS4 and now have a M5 Comp ;)


Edit - I know what you mean about the M5 seems too much for the public road.

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I di recognise that! Honestly the M5 is probably the best car I will ever own but wasted on me, and the dog set the alarm off climbing on the seats every time i left her in the car... so she is relegated to the boot again now!

I am hoping RS4 bridges the gap between M5 and SQ5 which preceded it...


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Lovely RS4...enjoy it :icon thumright: