New Eibach Sportline Springs 50/40mm for Audi A6 4F / C6


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Oct 14, 2014
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Some 4F owners of the german 4F forum and the suspension company at which I work "forced" Eibach to develop a 50/40mm Eibach Sportline Spring kit because we found out that at some 4F the lowering with 30/30mm had the effect that it looked like the back of the car is lower than the front. Eibach developped this 50/40mm Kit for the original Audi dampers with the typical Eibach comfortable setup plus better precise handling. Larkspeed in the UK is as far as I know the distributor of these 50/40mm Eibach springs in the UK


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I had the Sportline 50/40 springs on my A4 b8, loved the way it levelled out the stance of the car.
You got any better/larger photos of these? And maybe a before/after comparison? I'm interested in a set for my saloon.
Thanks guys. Think I'll go for these soon, just bought an RS6 style grill to be fitted first.
Really liking the stance with those, will have to order a set soon.
Eibach are always still comfortable and Eibach springs won´t go deeper and deeper by the time....
And with the 50/40mm lowering you won´t get this "funny" look that some lowered cars have with the back of the car hanging down like having an overloaded boot.
Do you know if this 40/50 set up would work with 20" wheels on the a6 c6
I have 255/35/20 ET 45 8.5j thanks

Hi Martin,

I've not got any experience of the springs on an A6, maybe post the question on A6 section or contact Damian at DPM for some advice.

Sorry I couldn't help mate.

Do you know if this 40/50 set up would work with 20" wheels on the a6 c6
I have 255/35/20 ET 45 8.5j thanks

Hello pal I have the same size of the wheels and tyres , just ordered this springs , let see what happens but Im pretty sure all will be fine.
I know this is an old thread, but...

Any feedback on from those who have gone with this?

Looks very cool, but is it so low as to create issues scraping on speed bumps and steep driveways? Were you able to get a sensible camber/clearance, given changed suspension geometry?

Ps I'd be using 19by9 et53 wheels

I would also like to know the answer to the above question as I have progressed from a a4 that I used the same spring gs on and loved the look and ride but at times hated the inpractical ride height. I am toying with 30mm or the 40/50 mm but my car been an sline is all ready 15mm lowered so I'm thinking the 30mm will not be enough.
@dale86 I have an S Line Le Mans Avant.... can I ask why you are changing your set up? I like the stance on mine (could maybe go another 5-10mm lower lol!), but sometimes it just feels a little aggressive, as in comfort wise. I'd like to go for new shocks and springs that are a little more comfortable, smoother and maybe slightly lower than S Line...
I have the 19" standard alloys that come on the Le Mans.
Or do I just go for springs on the S Line shocks!?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Sorry its taken a year nearly to reply I have just recently found out our cars if lemans sline special edition models are all ready 30mm lower than se models. If we purchase eibach 40/50 springs then we only lower it 10/20mil as what our cars are already lowered comes off the stated lowering height of the springs.
Reviving this thread rather than starting a new one, would a new set of shocks benefit a car that has done 99 thousand miles, and how do you tell if the existing set are tired or knackered ?.
Along with a few others on here I have had a spinal fusion done (12 years) but may be going in for another early in the new year so still want the comfort that the 3.0 lemans gives me