New Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)


SQ5 & A4 Allroad
Mar 2, 2008
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I finally decided to bite the bullet & change the DRLs from them horrid yellow/orange things to some nice white LEDs. I couldn’t have picked a worse day for it as it was lashing it down, but I pulled it into the garage (as much as I could) and began the work. Hardest thing in my opinion was removing the 2x torx screws at the back of the headlight (was the same on both sides) but this was due to some corrosion...after all it is a 10 year old car!
I just took my time & followed a few videos & instructions from both here & other sites. I must say, it wasn’t a hard job & the outcome is so worth it. I also changed the the H7 bulbs but kept them to the road legal max of 4200k, so a difference can be seen when headlights are on to the 1x DRL which remains on but I can live with that. I got some rubber covers which I had to mod slightly, but they cover the holes created when dissecting your headlamps quite nicely. Here are a few photos of today’s events: -
2422C4AD 47DE 4B74 9E5C EEC7465BFE49

54771A4F 3924 4FF5 A214 36075D95C11E

21C11DC9 7429 4153 974C 4D1C1A819379

0312DDA2 8DF1 4DB0 967D CA34C05717BD

1 New 1 Old Comparison...
92D868D0 3F31 44DA 88ED DC4A7DD38CDE

Before with Headlights on...
CBE0DD15 C012 4645 A202 7AE75E702850

After with Headlights on...
96BC5115 7964 4C74 A68C 1FB21B148F69

Few pics whilst carrying out work...
745E0F74 9458 4287 B4A6 11926B93BA5A
5A9EA07E 94CE 45F4 B026 09CECADA70FD
4023FD84 D546 4093 B7A7 3F1254F65AF9
B5CF25B2 C481 4164 8B22 4E4E55F0C09E
511D4332 1509 4B03 B6D3 DF4CBABB9515
F6B94638 0A00 46B4 980B 514E14BAE30B
B08EE9A9 B628 4B9B 8BB1 EFB9460FC314
FDD0466C 9B9C 42C1 A12E 5432D9F54776

Very happy with the outcome.
If anyone wants any advice etc. regarding this just ask & I will help best I can.


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Jan 3, 2012
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Nice job.