new custom Q5 3.0tdi remap


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So when I bought my Q5 3.0TDI special edition I went straight to AMD for a remap which to be fair wasn’t the best experience

  1. The remap took about 20 mins which I thought was very quick
  2. They couldn’t get the car to dyno properly because there rolling road is not a linked rolling road so they unplug the abs sensor and some other stuff to try and trick the car it to running over 3000rpm but it didn’t
  3. So when I took the car in there it had half a tank of fuel and when I got it back it was on empty so I asked them how can it of used half a tank of diesel and there reply was because we did loads of runs with your can it can use lots of fuel (really half a tank)
  4. So I went to the petrol station and filled the tank up and the needle didn’t move so I took the car back to AMD and said this wasn’t like this when I brought it in and they basically fobbed me of saying we don’t touch nothing to do with that .. funny how it worked before I took it in there
  5. So I plugged in my obdeleven and scanned the car and it came up with 30 errors that they didn’t clear which I think is poor workmanship so I cleared all the faults but the diesel gauge was still not working so I did a bit of googling and I had to pull 2 fuses from the fuse box and do a dashboard reset which cleared the problem

Not very impresses with their level of service and the remap wasn’t that good to be fair the car seems to run out of pull very quick and didnt have much torque as i thought it would

So a year later I wasn’t happy with the cars performance so I had a search on google and started seeing Bobby singh’s name popup and the sort of things he has done to his 3.0tdi 505bhp engine and I was very impressed so I gave him a call. He is a very nice guy and very knowledgeable so after a few calls I dropped my car off with him to have my Ecu custom remap instead of a generic map. He also suggested to have the gearbox remapped as well because of the extra torque that the car will be getting now he said you will need to up the clutch clamping pressure to stop it slipping which I agreed to have done … 1 thing I must say is that he does not push you to have any of the extra work done which I like.

So he took out my ecu a read the AMD map which he said was very basic. ☹

It took Bobby most of the day to complete the work of custom ecu map, replace a sensor so the ecu can still read the data and gearbox map. He is very meticulous and makes sure every thing is working correctly and is within tolerance levels which Is a extra level of safety.

Driving the car after Bobby’s custom ecu and gearbox remap the cars Power delivery is much more smoother and pulls through all the gears like a train the Increased torque is like night and day MPG is good as well and must say to what ive had done was very good value and bobby made sure you understood everything he was doing and would always answer any questions you might have about the procedure. Also as a bonus I went out in his a4 5o5bhp 1000 nm beast

Anyone who is looking for a customer tuner he is your man 100%


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Been watching bobbys diesel tuning projects over the years and must say I'm impressed with what he can do.
Been a really eye opener with all the john deer turbochargers this kind of tuning.I will definitely be contacting him regarding my new project.

bobby singh

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Hi Daniel, Dan, can I ask what is your Q5 bhp/nm figures now
Power can depend on dpf condition but the Q5 shares the same engine as the A4,A5 etc

Here is a typical result

Note this car was tuned previously and claimed 310hp/640nm but actually made 284hp / 595nm. So basically dyno figures from the tuner or dyno is not everything but you can compare as a crude method.