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Feb 7, 2014
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Hi All

Just ordered my new company car. Started with new company in January had a couple different higher cars to start with.

Mercedes C250 AMG Sport Auto estate. Was nice and comfy. Had it for just over a month.

BMW 320ed Auto new shape. It was ok, not as nice to drive as the Merc.

Then had to swap the BMW with my boss for his 2012 Audi A3 2.0 tdi Auto SE Sportback. It's not a bad car having auto is nice. But miss front and rear parking sensors DAB radio, screen to control radio/phone etc, climate control and heated seats.

In my previous job I had a BMW 116ed. Was able to spec it up to make it nice and low tax was a bonus.

I've now managed to order my new car. Was originally going to go for new 8v 2.0tdi sport. However it was taken off the list. In its place I managed to get the 1.4 COD sport.

At my company any extras have to be paid for by the employee so I needed a car with a good base spec and the sport had this. I've added the following:

Auto lights/wipers
Front and rear parking sensors
Adaptive cruise control (originally asked for standard cruise but got upgraded to adaptive.
Dimming and folding side Mirrors
Interior light pack

I am waiting for del date. In the meantime I pick up a MK7 golf tomorrow as a temp car.

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Welcome to and the 8v section Robert. Hope you dont have to wait to long for the car. We will keep you amused till then. Enjoy the forum. :) x
Congrats - nice car :)

Welcome to the forum and the company car club :)
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Got my temp hire car last week. 1.6 TDI S golf mark 7.

It's nice to have DAB radio and a better interface for Bluetooth. But missing my gadgets like auto lights/wipers, dimming mirrors and things leather steering wheel.

Was suprised to see only 5 spd box. The touch interface for stereo etc doesn't feel as good has a screen and controller as I have to divert my eyes from the road.

Plus side 99 grams co2 lowers my company car tax.


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