New car's expected mileage and "delivery mode" question


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I've got notified today that my S3 had arrived at my local dealer.
I came in to have a quick look at it, grab a couple of pictures. 5min in and out.
I'll be collecting the car in two days or sth.

But now that I'm looking at the pictures there are a few things that look a bit strange to me.
Unless I'm reading it incorrectly - the odometer on the second picture shows 31km (~20miles).
My previous A4 had 8km (~5miles) when i picked it up and i don't think I've ever seen a mileage bigger than that on a brand new car (sitting in cars in a showroom etc.).
I'm just struggling a bit to imagine how this car could have done such a mileage in it's relatively short trip from DE -> PL (no shipping yards along the way etc.)
What's the biggest mileage you've seen on a brand new car (that has definitely not been driven on a public road yet) ?
The other thing that seems a bit odd to me is that state of the tires (first picture). To me they look like they've already been through a lot - at least e.g. compared to the ones on the black A6 in the background.

I'm worried that someone might have already been having some "fun" with the car somewhere along the way or are such attempts completely restricted by the car's "delivery mode" ?
Or am I just being totally paranoid and it's all normal/expected ? :laughing:


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Delivery mileages can vary and there will be a limit depending on the manufacturer, it might be a case that your car may have been subject to additional end of line (production) rolling road test due to a creak or an issue they may have found or it might have been chosen as an audit vehicle (for example 1 out of say 200 cars will be selected) which goes through additional quality control and that may require additional rolling road mileage etc.


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As @RobinA3 said, some vehicles are taken on their test track for further testing.


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My S3 had 37 miles on it when it was delivered.
That's a fairly normal mileage - I've had 8 -22 miles over the years

It may have been dropped at another location for pre delivery checks, petrol etc


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My Volvo V40 that I collected at the showroom way up in Sunderland (I'm based in London) had 14 miles on the odometer (and 8mpg fuel economy). Previously Ibiza that was driven down and delivered to me, I have no clue, but it arrived with 171 miles on it (and 57mpg). The journey from showroom was around 150miles, so guess it had 20 miles or so already on it upon arrive to the showroom.


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My A3 was delivered off a box type car transporter and had 16 miles on the clock. The previous car Merc A class was driven down from Leeds and had 180 miles on the clock.


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Several years ago now, but from memory my car had between 20 and 30 miles on the clock when I picked it up. My gut feel was the dealer had allowed someone to use it for a test drive, particularly as they had stored it for a few weeks (it arrived earlier than expected from the factory and I declined early delivery because it would have been on a previous registration plate). I politely challenged them and they denied it, sadly not much you can do in that situation. 31km feels a bit high to me, but I’ll defer to those more knowledgeable on such matters!


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Some vehicles are also selected to carry out random emissions test once built which will consist of about 20km of driving on the rolling in an emissions lab.
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My RS3 had 50 miles on it as collected. Seemed to be the norm when I asked around.


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