New car ordered


A4 Avant B9 2.0 Tdi
So the time has come to get a new car and it's been a tough decision considering my last 7 cars have all been Audi's.

So for those that know about being based in Germany we get our cars tax free plus Audi give another 10% discount so 30% discount which is a fair bit. So only having to pay short of £25k for my avant 10 months ago I thought I would at least break even when it come to getting a new one and part exchanging mine. I never! I've been offered 20k, gutted and dont have the time to shop around to get a better deal.

I have also decided to leave Audi for my next purchase and purchase a Skoda Kodiaq Edition due to being offered a guaranteed buy back. I've managed to get it for £24,150 with a minimum buyback of £24,150 so at least I know I won't loose a penny like the £5k I just lost on the A4.

I will be back though, I love Audi and will have one more chance to get another tax free car in the time I have left over here before I leave in 2019. I have already decided it's got to be the Q5 or Q7.