New Car Game

Andy Crooks

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The idea of the game is you take a photo of your car with an object in or next to it, the object can be anything from a lamp-post to a teddy bear, you can even use people (no nudity). If you win a task and set the next task you CANNOT post a picture to win your own task as this will give other game players a chance to give the game ago

the 1st person to get back with a photo with said object and upload it wins that task and then sets a new task

here's an example:

TASK: your car next to a sign - using old car as an example till i get chance to go out and have a3 fun


this can win the task so say the next task could be: your car next to a lamp-post


ANY form of AUDI can be used to make it interesting

so to start lets have something simple

your car with a teddy inside
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