New car detailling


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Thanks for all the replies. Not looking to spend lots if money. May ask for my life shine products to be left for me to apply.


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A good protection detail can actually mean that you spend less time washing cars, with the car still looking good!

For example, modern nano coating, polymer technology sealants - which bond to the clear lacquer, are very often hydrophobic and leave a very very smooth finish.

Meaning that less dirt, mud, etc. will adhere to the car, and the car stays looking good for longer. And when you do come to clean it - you can practically snowfoam the car, leave it 20 mins (in the case of Magifoam), then power wash off. Any subsequent two-bucket wash with a mitt reveals very little dirt left on the car!

The time between washes? For me, Phantom Black, - 3 months in the winter, and it still looks reasonable (it won't win any show n shine prizes).

The polymer sealant technology (eg: G-Tecnhniq, Zaino Z2, Menzerna PL) works.

Absolutely 100% correct :)


Cheers Tim. I'll give them a call and get booked in. Did you go for a full Gtechniq job or just stick with the Swissvax?


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