new car and i am gutted!!!!


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yesterday i brought an a4 avant 3.0 v6 tdi 2005 auto (privately) drives sweet as a nut imo sounds fine but when ticking over when warm it develops a smoking from the exhaust which is white/bluey colour a when you drive it away it seems to clear mechanic says its injectors or rocker cover something and a mate of mine who used to work for audi said engine sounds like timing belt needs replacing i feel sick as a dog and feel like having a good old cry!!


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Sorry to hear that, fella.


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Sorry mate.

3.0 has no cambelt. It is Chain driven.


Dude, what's mine say ?
Don't worry it shouldn't be a big thing to sort. Chains need replacing like belts also but this wouldn't cause your problem.

Blue smoke means it's burning oil from somewhere but then again it is a diesel remember. I'd more than likely say it's your turbo seals but this would happen when your going along as well. Get someone to follow you and see if it happens when you load the turbo up with pressure and change gear. If it is the turbo seals you will get a bit of smoke with each change.