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New car and a few little woes...

Pee Jam Feb 23, 2020

  1. Pee Jam

    Pee Jam A6 Avant LeMans 3.0L Seat Alhambra xcellence Gold Supporter

    Hi all

    Just brought an 07 plate Le Mans Avant in Grey having sold my last A6 over a year ago. Its good to be back in an A6!

    Its a pretty well specked car, electric seats, 2g mmi high, auto tailgate, xenon headlights and Bose so not too many retrofitting to do but I do have some plans.

    Anyways onto the niggles!

    I noticed that one of the remote fobs did not work so I replaced the battery, still nothing, ok maybe it needs to be paired with the car again.....

    Nothing in the manual about that
    Tried various methods from a Google search, hold unlock button, insert into ignition, turn to on and hold for 10 seconds etc, still not working.

    I did notice that the red led does not light up at all, should it even when away from the car?

    Then the other unused remote died! Changed its battery and it too does not work :(

    But then it did after taking the car for a drive and trying it, it worked, then it did not!!

    So it appears that if I drive the car for about 10-15 mins the remote will lock the car and open it again when I come back to it, but not working again in the morning? WTF?

    Is there a definitive guide to making sure the keys are paired to the car?

    Also does anybody recognise this part? I found it loose in the well area behind the NS rear light cluster.


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  3. Steve Newton

    Steve Newton Registered User

    That bit of trim is for the rear LHS where you found it. It clips on to the edge of the panel nearest the outside of the car. The slot in it is for the cable for a swiveling trailer hitch.

  4. Pee Jam

    Pee Jam A6 Avant LeMans 3.0L Seat Alhambra xcellence Gold Supporter

    Thanks Steve

    Had to google the part number in order to sus how it was orientated in that space!

    As to my remote fobs, well, it appears that not all 2032 batteries are equal! I brought some branded ones, popped them in and hey presto, all is good once more!! The ones I had tried originally were cheap ones, 50 for £2 variety, lesson learned!


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