New C8 handover checklist


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Hi folks. I placed an order for an A6 Avant 45TFSI at the beginning of the month. The dealer has informed us the car is being built the week beginning 7 October and best case scenario, delivery will be end of October. I’m familiar in general with checking over a new car during handover like checking for paint/bodywork damage during transit, tyre pressures, confirming presence of options etc etc. My question relates specifically to Audi and more specifically to the A6. What essential peripherals/information should I expect to get? Things that I’ve thought about relate to:
  • Audi Connect
  • Manuals/booklets/other paperwork
  • Tools (other than tyre repair kit)/Spare fuses
  • Anything related to the Audi UTR
And anything else important I may not have thought about.



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The only one I can suggest and you've already mentioned it - Audi Connect. Best get everything sorted in advance - app installed on phone, account set up and VIN entered into the app.

That way you'll just need to pair your phone via bluetooth and wifi and enter the key user ID from the scratch off part if the key fob. You'll save a whole heap of ti e if you do