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New Buyer - couple of quick questions ....

jspr45 Jun 1, 2015

  1. jspr45

    jspr45 New Member

    Hi Guys, am due to test drive a A3 sportback later this week, I have been through the list of options and know most of what I want, depending on what discount I can get, but I have a couple of quick questions that I am unable to find answers to in the brochure.

    1. I need some kind of lumbar support - does the A3 have manual lumbar support (you know the dial thingy at the side of the seat that you rotate) or will I have to pay for the electric lumbar support ?

    2. I also need to be able to fold my wing mirrors in before putting car in my garage - I know there is the option for electric folding mirrors - but if I do not choose this does the car still have a switch on the drivers door (beside the window switches) to fold the mirrors (or is this what is called electric folding mirrors ?). Also if I have to choose the electric folding mirrors is there an override switch for when I'm taking it out of the garage as I understand that the mirrors unfold when you turn the key.

    Any help on the above would be much appreciated as I'd like to know exactly what options to add before I take the test drive.
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  3. andywil13

    andywil13 Active Member

    You can set mirrors to manual and use the adjust button to control them
  4. martin_s3

    martin_s3 Member

    1. I think the only option u have is to get the electric lumber support or u dont get it atall as it doesn't have manual.

    2. That is the option, if you chose not to get the electric folding mirrors you would have to get out the car and do it by hand which wouldn't be ideal if u had to do this on a daily basis.
  5. jspr45

    jspr45 New Member

    Thanks for the replies - looks like more options !!
  6. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Well-Known Member


    Yes, you can twirl the knob to a position where it folds them back in
  7. Scottyg

    Scottyg Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver S tronic Audi A3 TDi

    I didn't chose lumbar support option and my back is gubbed completely. I think the A3 Sport seats are great as they are.
  8. martin_s3

    martin_s3 Member

    Yeah I think k there pretty good aswell, its not something I'd miss but the manual option would be nice lol

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