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New build swift (ish) A4 B6/7 1.8t Cabriolet

Nagasaki May 23, 2018

  1. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Finally undertaking the build of an A4 B6/7 cabriolet quattro to house the engine and Turbo set up finished last year, combining most of the transferable and upgraded parts from our S-Line CVT B7 (owned from new) with a B6 Quattro 6 speed manual picked up locally.
    Reason, just based upon limits of the CVT to utilise engine set up and power gains desired. And a bit of fun!
    The Quattro seems in decent mechanical condition other than the knackered engine (cambelt failure at 80k) which isn't required anyway.
    Both engine codes the same (BFB) so presuming it should be a straight swap, except the flywheel and clutch housing.
    Existing B7 parts to swap over; (in pics)
    Forged Engine as per signature spec (PVC delete so ripping out all pipework on Quattro)
    Vibra engine mounts
    Custom made K04 and supporting hardware from Owen Developments (thanks Lee)
    3 inch maf housing and stubby filter (may move intake to lower inner wing where cold start fan usually sits)
    Race cat.
    Large FMIC
    Bilstein shocks (springs won't transfer from 2wd)
    Front end body (wings, bonnet, bumper, lights etc)
    New parts acquired;
    ECS stage two clutch with lightened steel flywheel
    New Miltek cat. back non resonator exhaust (existing Miltek resonator on our B7 not transferable, but old anyway)
    Eibach Pro springs
    V Maxx 356mm front brakes disc/caliper kit
    Hong Kong Phooey air freshener

    As I have bravely (or foolishly) decided to undertake most of the work myself I am bound to come up against various issues, so will be reaching out for guidance and advice along the way.
    Also have helpful Audi specialist (MDM) down the road should I majorly screw up.

    Various used B6&B7 parts will also become available including BFB block (keeping head for future flow work/exchange) B6 body panels, lights etc, so PM me if there's any takers for parts as they come off.

    Once complete will be off to see Ben at Shark for a rolling set up and see what we can squeeze out of him.
    Then off for a metallic black wrap.

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  3. LawrenceH

    LawrenceH Active Member

    Good project, keep us updated! Always wondered why they didn’t do 1.8T/2.0T with quattro
  4. SKOOSH1970

    SKOOSH1970 Member

    Good luck with this, I wouldn't mind the option to purchase all the interior trim pieces... door trim, dash trim etc if available... for the right price if in relatively good nick..?

  5. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Happy to oblige although unsure which we're going to keep yet.
    Both in decent condition and will post some pics.
    One is black Quattro badged dark gloss grey set and the S line is black with aluminium trim.
    Leave it with me.
  6. SKOOSH1970

    SKOOSH1970 Member

    Topman....no rush.
  7. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member

    Guys, im stage 3.

    Read my build thread. I will post it up ASAP.
  8. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member

    Its an odd one. But yeah they did make a a4 1.8t cabby with quattro and the 2.0t.

    I have an A4 1.8t B6 quattro.
  9. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member



    I've dropped you a PM.

    Things that come to mind..I hope the hybrid doesnt have the same hotside as our k03-029 BFB engines.
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  10. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    So following the happy distraction of my annual pilgrimage to Le Mans along with a patient wait for parts to arrive from various quarters of the globe, I have returned to the HKP project in order to get it mobile before we run out of Summer.
    A fundamental change to the the original plan is that the migration parts from the 2005 Quattro donor car to our 1.8t CVT was romantic but unpractical due to ECU, traction control unit and other niggling issues that seemed just too much hassle. So everything is going the other way, from ours to the donor.
    Whole B7 front end, doors, interior, suspension (where compatible) and of course the engine set up etc
    Having owned the B7 from new we had wanted to keep the car as it had various upgrades and had been well looked after (My wife's car from new) unlike the Quattro donor which had the inevitable meeting of pistons and valves through lack of maintenance (the nice old chap who owned it had serviced it once in 10 years)
    However it has been driven gently over its 65k miles so I'm presuming the 6 speed Gearbox and general transmission parts will be good for the new set up. So I intend to list the parts I'm adding and then, where I can, document with pictures each addition.
    Don't expect a 'How to' as I'm sure there's plenty more experience on the forum than I can offer, but it should be fun to document and see how it develops.
    So fronts are off, engines out....

    Quattro engine out.jpg
  11. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Next, take the re-built forged lump out of our original CVT in order to add the parts parts list below, which have all now arrived;
    Each bullet point will get a section (hopefully) as it goes back in
    • ECS stage 2 clutch (RS4 pressure plate and lightened steel flywheel)
    • Change cambelt/water pump
    • Adjustable head camshaft wheel (plan to have flow head work done at CNC heads, Stockport in next stage, maybe required for tuning so will install now)
    • Replace lower pulley with new Fluidamper wheel
    • Fit Bosch 550cc injectors, High pressure fuel rail and in-tank High pressure fuel pump
    • Ceramic coating on Manifold and Hi Flow cat from Zircotech coatings Oxford (Is a 2.0TFSI manifold with adaptor plate on custom made K04 from Lee at Owen developments)
    • Large FMIC from Majesty (China) replacing all supplied hoses with Orange 'Hong Kong Phooey' Samco hoses :) (Is supposed to be fun after all)
    • Inlet injection sandwich plate in order to transfer Devils Own methanol injection system (was already installed on our CVT)
    • Oil Catch can with breather to atmosphere. Not back into air intake (Already had PVC delete so simplified pipework)
    • Transfer Bilstein B12 shocks and install H&R 25mm lowered springs
    • Orange powder coated strut brace (Orange powder coated camshaft cover to follow)
    • Move across all interior seats and carpets
    • B7 front end, bonnet, wings, doors, boot
    • 19 Ronal wheels with 255-35-19 plus spacers to replace original unmarked S-Line 18 Ronals (which I will be selling)
    • Other stuff that will inevitably come up
    B7 engine coming out.jpg
    B7 engine out.jpg Empty B7.jpg
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  13. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Enjoyed discovering that Owen Developments laser etched Hong Kong Phooey into the K04 turbo housing as part of the original build (circled in orange)
    Just discovered now on removing the engine. It's all in the detail :respekt:
    Hong Kong Phooey.jpg

    Turbo set up from 2.0 TFSI with adaptor plate. Seem to have lost one of the nuts and accompanying flat washer which I think are Titanium, so will need to be replaced.

    Manifold missing something.jpg
  14. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey Gold Supporter Audi Cabriolet Owner Group

    Stage 2 clutch kit sourced directly form ECS tuning in U.S. This kit uses balanced and lightened steel flywheel, combined with RS4 pressure plate and slightly larger than standard 240mm clutch plate.
    Comes with new bolts (Flywheel and pressure plate) as well as bearing for centre of crank.
    There wasn't one of these bearings in the CVT engine, presumably as the CVT gearbox spline did not carry a clutch or pressure plate, but I referenced the old engine from the Quattro to see how it sat. The slight lip to the front and the roller bearings furthest away.
    Hoping that there are no incompatibility issues when it comes to putting back in :blink:
    Kit also comes with centring tool and very useful flywheel locking teeth, to stop the engine from turning when you're trying to undo and do up the bolts.
    Seems like a decent piece of kit.
    So first....Used spline tool to remove the x6 bolts holding the flywheel in place.
    Then fitted new flywheel, while first cleaning off the coating using brake disc cleaner (or equivalent) so that your newly fitted clutch does not slip.
    Old CVT flywheel.jpg
    Note that there is no bearing inside the crank end. As previously mentioned, this engine was joined to a CVT gearbox so presume there was no bearing due to the lack of a clutch and pressure plate to support.
    CVT Flywheel removed.jpg

    Shiny new one!

    ECS Flywheel.jpg

    Clean up and put on, using new bolts and adding thread lock, tightening to 60nm plus a quarter turn.
    Note highlighted in orange one of the flywheel locking teeth that comes with the kit.
    Saves plenty of hassle and is easy to thread through an existing gearbox bolt hole.

    New flywheel on.jpg

    Add clutch plate and use centring tool to line up before adding the pressure plate, torque up to just 25nm, again using some thread lock.

    Clucth plate.jpg

    Pressure plate..........And done!
    Kit 'Very Importantly' comes with a longer clutch cylinder rod, seen here sat in its plastic to the right of the engine.
    Pressure plate.jpg
    Ready to go.
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  15. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member

    This is fantastic. Great descriptions. The ECS SMF is great!

    Fully locked in now..

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