New brake pads

george forbes

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Fitted new pagid brake pads front and rear to my S3 8v and have covered approx 200 miles since . as you can see from the pictures the wear is uneven on the fronts , is this normal after fitting and will they eventually bed into the contours of the disc and cover the whole braking area ?


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Just a few comments/thoughts ...............
According to how worn the Rotors are Audi usually changes both so they wear evenly.
Or, the rotors are turned so the new pads wear correctly.



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How was the discs before you changed the pads?
If the discs were evenly wearing then those pads contact patch looks substantially smaller than the oe pads. Maybe take them out and see if they are the same as the old pads that cane out.

george forbes

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They look like the wrong size? Could it be they are for an A3 and not an S3?
definitely the right size as ordered using the coding on the front of the service book, you can see in the pic that the pad goes right to the edge of the disc circumference but just isn't making contact ,will just have to see if the take time to bed into the disc