New boy here - hello, and advice please!


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New here on this forum. thought I'd say hi, and introduce myself.

I'm currently a BMW 330D owner (e90) and an about to move back to Audi. Had a B6 3.0 Quattro before the beemer.

I'm considering either a B8 3.0 TDI Quattro saloon or an S4 Saloon.
Got them priced up, from the Audi website, and for the options I want, there's about 3K difference in price between them.

Of course heart is going toward the S4. Real world though, how many miles per tank of fuel to you think you could achieve with the S4?

Also, do you think servicing costs will be much different between these 2 models?



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Sorry I can't help with your question but I compared them as the initial purchase price of an S-line 3.0TDi was only about £800 less than a S4. As such I'd have gone for the S4. I then looked into the 2.0T and worked out the difference with my spec would have been £8k. It's because if I went S4 then I'd have wanted the seats, sports diff etc. Eventually I concluded that I wouldn't be using the power and hence it was a lot of cash for no benefit.

The 3.0TDI is an excellent engine and if you want near S4 performance and you do a lot of miles then that's certainly something I'd be tempted by.

Before I got my B6 S4 I worked out how much the annual fuel would be and did the same calculation for my then current car (TT) to see what the difference would be. Due my fairly low mileage the increase was in the hundreds and not thousands so I went with it. If I'd been doing 20k+ miles a year then I wouldn't have done.

p.s. Welcome.