New B9 RS4 2020 owner – Cant list iphone address book on digital dash, using steering wheel controls


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Hi folks, I'm the new owner of a wonderful new B9 RS4.

There one feature which I'm really struggling with. It’s the iPhone integration.

My car has the new touchscreen MMI. So, no wheel control on the centre console.

My issue is that there appears to be no way of accessing the full telephone directory from the steering wheel controls. I can only display recent phone call no’s on the digital dash. I can do this from the touchscreen but trying to search for a name while driving is very dangerous.

It’s marginally easier to search for a name on the touchscreen if my phone is connected via the apple car play method. As when you quickly scroll through names listed, the MMI touch screen will let you jump to a letter of the alphabet, however when you do this none of the steering wheel controls work at all, if I use the apple car play connection. So, I’m connected via the Audi interface.

I’ve come from three BMW’s and any hire car I have had (none have been Audi’s) , I have been able to list all my contacts / select a name from a car’s steering wheel controls.

It’s similar issue when I play any music from my iPhone. I can see all the tracks on a selected album however there is no means to list / select a new album from the steering wheel controls.

As I say I have the updated 2020 interface. I wonder if anyone else has this noticed this issue or has a fix?

I have attached a pic of what I see when I click the menu button to the left of the left steering wheel scroll wheels. Along with what a pre facelift shows. You will see it appears to be possible to list your contacts on the pre facelift.

Many thanks for your help. I really hope there is a fix for this


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I am not sure I can get my phone book up in my 2015 Mini without resorting to menu by iDrive controller. Does voice control not solve the issue - “Call xxx”


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Voice control is the only way I've found to get around the issue - simply hit the voice button on the steering wheel and say Call "name". If there is more than one entry for the name, you will be asked to provide a last name - or I think you can select a line number from the displayed list. I have an Android phone and I'm sure I can see a list of tracks on an album or playlist but I can't quite remember exactly how that works - if I get a chance to check, I'll post another reply. BTW, I entirely agree that the car is brilliant but the tech does let it down a bit. I'm hoping it will gradually improve as new versions are released.