New B9 - A few questions


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Had my B9 a few weeks now, 3.0tdi 218 in Daytona grey, as per the pic.

Loving the car, I was torn between that and a more pricey BMW 330d. I think the BMW is a better looker and probably better handling, but the Audi has a majestic interior and the engine is a peach, perfect for the price range.

However I do have a few questions I haven't been able to find the answer to, would anyone be able to point my in the right direction.

- The sat nav doesn't have full postcodes, really!? For a car in this market segment. Was there an option I didn't tick? I have got around it by using the MMI phone app to send the locations to the car. Also is there any way to load speed cameras in. I miss not having them!
- How do you set up Email on Audi connect, I couldn't see anywhere on MyAudi or the App to do it. Text either. It just says I don't have an account set up.
- I have the 3 month trial on data, but when I try and connect a phone to the wifi it takes me to the data purchase page. Is this not included? Is it really worth having in this day and age or 3 and 4g? After the 3 month trial will I need to buy a package to get traffic etc?
- When the in built sat nav loses reception it keeps coming up with a message saying it can't connect, is this normal.
- Audi connect seems to keep logging itself regularly meaning I have to put in all the login details again. Any way around this?
- Most annoyingly I have a very annoying squeak constantly coming from what sounds like in the back of the car somewhere, but when I go in the back I can't get anything to do it by pushing on it. Any common culprits?

Sorry for the noob questions and if they have been asked before.


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Welcome! Congrats on your new car :) Looking good!

- Postcodes - I thought I had seen them on my MMI+ - however not entirely sure, but I also use the MMI Connect app to send addresses to the car. Unless it's a MMI+ / Tech Pack feature.

- E-Mail - Apparently specific to Android phones with 'Message Access Profile' via BlueTooth? I've personally not figured that out yet, and am an iPhone anyhow so likely not supported!

- The 3 month trial is for the data which the car uses. The Wi-Fi hotspot is as you have noticed an additional purchase / charge. After 3 months - yes you will need to purchase a data plan to continue traffic, MMI Connect, Online updates etc, however you can also install your own SIM / data plan in the glovebox and use that instead. Many on here have purchased a 12GB pre-paid SIM card and use that. If you insert your own SIM, it will deactivate the built in one, and use this for everything - including Wi-Fi Tethering.

- Yes I have seen the no connection a couple of times... not sure why they insist I have to see that?!

- Audi Connect - is it on your phone it's doing that? It did that to me once, but has not done since. Try removing / re-installing the app?

- The squeak - I've heard of others complaining about this on VWAF. Apparently the trim at the rear rubbing on something where it's not installed correctly. It's a dealer job to find / rectify.


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Audi customer services are also extending the connect licence period foc on request for up to 1 additional year


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Rear squeaks are normaly the door seals but I wouldn't expect this on a car so young. I think my a3 took about year ir so before they started groaning over bumps..


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Mine too!


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I looked into the not connected error a little more the other day. Found that in my case it was actually the embedded SIM module that had disconnected / has issues, as I was in a town and when I went into connection manager all the options were greyed out!

Will keep an eye on it, it behaved fine on a 200 mile run today.


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Thanks guys. I'll do a bit more testing on the sat nav, I'm sure it was saying it didn't have street names for certain towns and asked me if I wanted to navigate to the town centre.

So no hacks to add speed cameras as POIs?


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