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New B9.5? RS4 build slot reserved....

TallPaul_UK Oct 19, 2019

  1. TallPaul_UK

    TallPaul_UK New Member

    Hi, im new to this forum, have been on A5OC for the past 6yrs, but have decided to sell the A5 cab and have a build slot reserved for the new RS4 (when its available to order in November). Im guessing it will be designated B9.5 as its a face lifted version. As the pricing and spec are yet to be released for the UK market, the exact spec im after is still up in the air, but im 95% sold on the Tango Red colour with black pack. ( as seen in the press car) https://www.audi-mediacenter.com/en/audi-rs-4-avant-29

    any ‘must haves’ and ‘dont bother’ options?

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  3. terminator x

    terminator x Well-Known Member

    Like the new "diagonal" lights on the FL. Presumably it now has a GPF so interested to hear if the sound is quieter still vs the one I had.


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  4. TallPaul_UK

    TallPaul_UK New Member

    Yes, has got GPF now and the exhaust note isnt as good as the previous ones, the pops on lift off are more muted from what i gather, and they have cut back on the fuelling on the overrun for emmissions apparently, so hardly any pop and crackle sounds :-(
    I test drove a new RS3 as well recently and this was the same. Shame, but i did speak to JFA who reckoned this could be re added with a remap. Something for the future possibly.
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  5. TallPaul_UK

    TallPaul_UK New Member

    Car has been ordered at the dealers.
    Standard edition in Mythos black with the following:
    - Comfort & Sound Pack
    - Driver Assistance Pack - Tour
    - Storage Pack
    - 20” Flag design Alloy Wheels
    - Red Brake Calipers
    - RS Sports Exhaust System
    - RS Sports Suspension Plus with DRC

    didnt fancy the full one Blacked out look that the Carbon Black edition would give, though im sure thats to some peoples taste. the wait begins...
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