New b6 s4 avant owner


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Hello everyone

just picked up a b6 s4 avant as I fancied a change from my focus st, was after something bigger and more comfy and this most defiantly fits the bill and good performance as well thought I'd miss the turbo of the st but this just pulls and pulls! So at the mo over the moon with new purchase.

car has a cat back exhaust on it and the sound is infectious lol

couple of pics




car ar has stacks of history and paperwork for all the major jobs and seems well looked after with 106k on the clocks hopefully I brought the right one as looked at a few not so nice examples as well.

anyway that's the car and I'm looking around site and learning all ready I'm based in essex many people round here on the site??


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Looking at the door shuts, that looks like a nice clean and well looked after car, or you've spend most of the day cleaning it.

Congratulations an what looks a nice car, you'll love it.

I came from BMW's and my S4 is my first Audi and loving it like you are.



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I picked it up this clean :) thanks for the compliments on the car most defiantly a well rounded machine that's for sure


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Looks tidy and welcome to the site.


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black roof rails as well ...they were a factory option that not many s4,s had